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준케이(June K) 작가는 한국계 미국인으로서 미국 뿐 아니라 유럽과 아시아를 넘나들며 활동 중인 디지털 아티스트로서 인연의 붉은 실을 모티브로 보이지 않는 인간관계라는 관념의 세계를 실물 디지털 설치미술, 조각, 영상, 그리고 AI 아트등 다양한 매체를 통해서 표현하는 현대미술가입니다. 한국 최초로 디지털 설치미술 NFT를 선보인 선구자이기도 하며 현재 LA와 뉴욕을 기반으로 뮤지엄이나 아트바젤 등에서 성과를 내며 글로벌 무대에서 영역을 넓히며 활약하고 있습니다.

June Kim was born and raised in South Korea and America. She works in Los Angeles after she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts at Art Center College of Design. She builds her sculptures and installations by fabricating red thread on plexiglass structures, based on her social media data. Her materials and hand sewing process are inspired by the red thread concept from ancient Asian belief, that we are all destined to meet with our significant others with invisible red thread connections.

Her work won placement as one of the finalist from SeeMe Global Competition and awarded for the Scope Art Show at Art Basel in Miami 2012. She won the second place prize for California Open Exhibition 2013 at Tag Gallery, juried by an acclaimed art critic, Edward Goldman. Kim Participated in various numbers of art exhibitions in California, including Main Museum, San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, BG Gallery, H Gallery, and Irvine Fine Arts Center. In 2017, She is selected for Seismic Shift exhibition at Launch LA, juried by MaKenzie Stevens, a curatorial assistant from Hammer Museum. Her installation, Intersection, also won a solo show 2017 at 825 gallery. In 2018, Her work chosen for the exhibition, Cardinal Plans, at Gallery Korea from Korean Cultural Center in New York, representing as a young Korean-American artist, juried by Ian Alteveer, an associate curator of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Kim showcased her work at BG Gallery from Los Angeles Art Show 2019.

Her works / featured interviews have been published in various online and offline art magazines. Resources including Behance, Art Observed, Jaxtapoz, Art Slant, Art Rabbit, NY Art Beat, Gallery Korea KCCNY, and Voyage LA. She has been a member of Los Angeles Art Association for 6 years. Currently working in Los Angeles. Working remotely in San Francisco, Chicago, and New York.


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